Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sarah Burnes Heiner 6 Generation Pedigree Chart

I am honored to know my ancestors, and for the change in my life that allowed my heart to turn to my fathers. I have attached my very colorful 6 generation pedigree chart as gratitude for those who paved the way for me. Looking at this chart makes me realize the importance of every single ancestor, and the important role they all played to get me here to have an earthly existence, to gain knowledge, so that I could return to my Heavenly Father again. For that alone, I am indebted to them.

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Friday, May 4, 2012

George Ishmael Ziegler & Lillian Frances Burnes

George Ishmael Ziegler  was born on 12 Apr 1916 in Hendricks County, Indiana, USA. He died on 8 Oct 1973 in Flat Rock, Bartholomew County, Indiana, USA. He is buried in the Moravian Cemetery, Hope ,Bartholomew, Indiana.
George married Lillian Frances Burnes  daughter of Glen Washington Burnes and Anna Hazel Fox on 14 Feb 1937. Lillian was born on 16 Oct 1916 in Hope, Bartholomew, Indiana. She died on 20 Dec 1954 in Indianapolis, Marion, Indiana, USA. She is buried in the Moravian Cemetery, Hope, Bartholomew, Indiana.

They had the following children:

+          1 M        i.  Ronald Dean Ziegler
+          2 M        ii.  Gary Gene Ziegler 

George & Lillian (Burnes) Ziegler at the Cincinnati Zoo in 1954 (she died 4 months later)
Photo and details contributed by: Ronnie Ziegler & Gary Ziegler

Back: Lillian (Burnes) Ziegler. Front: Left: to right; Glen Burnes, Gary Ziegler Anna Burnes,Ronnie Ziegler About 1945. Photo and details contributed by: Ronnie Ziegler & Gary Ziegler

Lillian Burnes as a child growing up on the Burnes Homestead, about 1924
Photo and details contributed by: Ronnie Ziegler & Gary Ziegler

Lillian Frances Burnes, 8th Grade Graduation Picture in 1930
Photo and details contributed by: Ronnie Ziegler & Gary Ziegler
George Ishmael Ziegler, High School picture in 1934
Photo and details contributed by: Ronnie Ziegler & Gary Ziegler

Headstone of George Ishmael Ziegler & Lillian Frances (Burnes) Ziegler. 
Buried in the Moravian Cemetery in Hope, Indiana. Photo taken on September 8, 2009.

Online memorial for George Ziegler

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BURNES Homestead Aerial Photograph, Hope, Indiana

My last trip to Indiana was one I will never forget!! Mainly, because of the distant cousins I met while I was there. I enjoyed spending time with Gordan, Cathy, JoAnne, Ronnie & Frankie while they showed me around Shelbyville and Hope Indiana. I spent time with them exchanging family information and taking photographs of family heirlooms and historical documents. I had to photograph this aerial photo of the Burnes Homestead that is currently owned by my 4th cousins; Ronnie & Frankie.
I couldn't believe how generous and gracious all my cousins were.  I guess growing up in California took it's toll, because I didn't know people like this existed. I even came home from my trip and asked my husband if we could buy land in Indiana. He said "are you joking?!" I said "are you joking??!!" I am still working on him, he'll come around one of these days :) I have already picked out a spot in Carmel, Indiana.

I ended up staying in the Marriott Hotel in Carmel, Indiana. The location and hotel were beautiful, but the commute to Hope, Indiana everyday was horrendous especially because the main road to get to state road 9 was closed. I will be staying in Columbus next time.

My top 10 visited places while in Indiana:
  1. Norristown Cemetery, (located in Norristown, Shelby, Indiana)
  2. Shelbyville Library
  3. Shelbyville Antique Store
  4. Gordan & Cathy's Home
  5. Ronnie & Frankie's Home
  6. Carmel, Indiana LDS Church
  7. Original  Burnes Homestead 
  8. Lunch with Cathy & Gordan at some really cool deli in Shelbyville, IN
  9. Moravian Cemetery (located in Hope, Indiana)
  10. JoAnne Burnes' Home
Thanks to my cousins for making my stay away from home, feel like HOME.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Beautiful Quote about Ancestors

"Any living cell carries with it the experience of a billion years of experimentation by its ancestors"
-Max Delbruck

Photo: Samuel Burnes Family
(my Great, Great, Uncle) 1919
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