Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Brother; William Aaron Burnes 1967-2006

William A. Burnes with fiancee Joell Sweeney

William A. Burnes with grandma Ruth Imogene Burnes

William A. Burnes photographing his pretty awesome garden in Grass Valley, California
10 Fun Facts about William Aaron Burnes:
  1. He was born on May 29, 1967
  2. He was the oldest of 11 children
  3. He played baseball as a child
  4. His first car was a yellow camero
  5. He was a US Marine in the 3rd Recon Battalion
  6. He was a Commercial Fisherman
  7. He never married but left behind a beautiful fiancee; Joell Sweeney
  8. He died on March 13, 2006 on the exact day, 50 years after his grandfather; William Burnes.
  9. He was born in Napa, California. (no my parents didn't grow wine :)
  10. He enjoyed scuba diving in many remote waters throughout the world.
William A. Burnes with Jasper the dog (his fiancee's dog)

William A. Burnes & Joell Sweeney holding his nephew; James Burnes

William A. Burnes with younger brother John Burnes (age 17)

William A. Burnes

William A. Burnes with brothers John Burnes & Ron Burnes (on left) and Grandma Ruth Burnes

William A. Burnes with sister and Bass Guitarist, Jen Burnes

William A. Burnes - US Marine - 3rd Recon Battalion

William A. Burnes kissing an Iceberg in Alaska

William A. Burnes - Commercial Fisherman - Anchorage, Alaska

William A. Burnes with brother James Burnes

William A. Burnes with co-workers on an iceberg in Anchorage, Alaska

William A. Burnes with Fiancee, Joell Sweeney

William A. Burnes in Greece

William A. Burnes (right) with brother James Burnes (left) and friend Dillon Petty (middle)

William A. Burnes getting dirty on the job as a commercial fisherman in Alaska

William A. Burnes & Fiancee Joell Sweeney with sister Sarah Burnes Heiner & Brady Heiner 
(brother in law)

William A. Burnes - Commercial Fisherman - Anchorage, Alaska

William A. Burnes with neice & nephew; Kayden Burnes & Havannah Burnes

Will's Obituary; Click here


  1. Sarah, I didn't know you had a brother that died a few years ago. I am sorry to hear it. That was a nice video you put together. 39 years old? So young. What kind of cancer did he have?

  2. When my brother found out he had cancer it was already too late; he was in stage four of cancer. Cancer was peppered through out his entire body including all main organs, brain, & limbs. Not knowing where it stemmed from or what type. He lived 9 months after finding out. He was a great man.


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